Odd Objects

The most unusual found objects

DONE THE DAY. This is the warm-up period right now in the departments that manage lost and found objects.

A skull. He was found near Place Denfert-Rochereau, a busy part of the capital, before landing at the lost and found service of the Paris Police Prefecture.

A car door. The story of this incongruous object, found on the platform of a Parisian station, remains a great mystery. How could he have gotten there? To date, there is no explanation, if not perhaps that of sheet metal trafficking… ADVERTISING

A bag full of reblochon. When he was taken to the lost and found service at Gare de Lyon, he had to stay a few hours in the sun. The smell, the agents still remember it…

Funeral urns. Was it the deceased’s willingness to end up in a Paris-Lyon? Or the forgetting of a somewhat dizzy entourage? The police prefecture also recovered a funeral urn more than ten years ago.

A washing machine. Object probably too cumbersome during a move, it was left on the dock. The SNCF regularly collects them.

A wedding dress. She was picked up by a taxi driver, who witnessed live the break-up of a couple… who had planned to convolate. The married ex-futures have gone their separate ways. The dress, on the other hand, has remained, pitifully forgotten.

Diving equipment. The fault of a diver too eager to reach his destination, even if it means forgetting the essentials? The equipment was found in the lobby of a station.